‘Pop’ Meditation


Tori and I had an almost surreal experience when incidentally, attempting to experience pop art! We were down in Charlottesville enjoying our reunion weekend when we decided to checkout the Fralin!

We meandered in and ended up having the most surreal experience!


We inadvertently got roped into a senior citizens art experience group. To our utter surprise, (and a little horror) we were stuck in an hour long guided meditation and discussion about Andy Warhol and the notions of an ‘icon.’

The tour guide and group of senior citizens went around to each piece of art and set up chairs to view the item. The guide would then lead the group in a series of thematically related meditative exercises focused on the art object.



We escaped about two hours later and were able to stroll through the exhibit on our own but it was certainly  illuminating!


The Fralin Museum of Art, formerly the University of Virginia Art Museum is the teaching museum of the University of Virginia located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Nestled among historic houses boasting lovely Jeffersonian Architecture the Museum is only one facet of the University’s extensive arts program housing the more traditional arts!


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