Getting intimate with Art!


theGallerygirls is an attempt explore and share our adventures in the world of art, museums and design.

We hope to peruse art and design with some sprinklings of critique and a few smatterings of analysis as most of us are ‘academic’ art historians at heart. But, we shall endeavor to prevent ourselves from getting too technical and to keep this space on the more whimsical side!

While theGallerygirls can’t provide the most useful styling tips or codes for killer sales, we hope our wonderings will inspire you to follow us to museums and shows all around the world and engage  a little deeper with the art that surrounds us!

If you’re also a critically engaging art-lover and would like to be one of our many, globally positioned contributors, give us a shout out below! Or if you simply enjoyed reading theGallerygirls or have any comments, we would love to hear your thoughts!